Friday, 30 October 2015

Here's Lucy

Lucy had been discovered before we had had time to sort her look out properly. By now she had lots of clothes and accessories but was lacking hair. She was Lucy not Abby (Abby was blonde) and therefore required new hair. Individually we did lots of searching on the internet and coincidently both picked the same hair from the same place. We don't have a lot of money but I thought it was important to complete the look so splashed out and bought it. My present to Lucy. It was from Hong Kong and the review centre had 16 negative reviews about this particular wig supplier so we were nervous about what we would be getting. It was £99 including delivery which was a lot for us but not a lot when you are purchasing a human hair wig.

The package arrived and we were both filled with nervous anticipation. We had decided that even if it was poor quality it didn't matter as it was the final cosmetic piece for Lucy. We opened the package and we were both amazed. It was a beautiful hairpiece and the hair had a lovely natural shine to it. He tried it on dressed as him and it looked great. Neither of us could wait until it was Lucy that was properly wearing it so we booked some time when our younger daughter was out, my son was at work and I took some time off.

We had been collecting makeup and had gone through the old collection and threw away lots. The original foundation a TV stick was fine and still the right colour. My eldest daughter did Lucy's makeup and showed her new things to do and advised other makeup to get. Lucy got dressed and she put her hair on...... OMG the most beautiful woman stood before me. Much prettier and younger looking than Abby and the hair was amazing. Lucy had emerged in front of our eyes and all 3 of us were meeting her for the first time. There she was in her little back dress, black heels looking very glamorous. I felt very dowdy as I had not dressed or put any make up on. We took at least 100 photos in various poses around the house. Lucy was very relaxed and loved the experience although a little paranoid when walking down the stairs past windows. She had intended to change back to him before my son came home from work but my son had other plans. He rushed back and deliberately came running up to the house to cause panic. It was hilarious as Lucy legged it up the stairs slipping as she went, heels in her hand. My son came in and was keen to also meet Lucy for the first time. We called out to Lucy who then tentatively came down the stairs. My son smiled and said that she looked far better than he had imagined. It was good for her to get his acceptance.

Lucy sat downstairs watching tv and just doing normal stuff. We had organised a take away meal for the evening and she again had planned to get changed back to him before it arrived. As it would happen the meal was delivered early and Lucy ate her first meal as Lucy and ended up being dressed for far longer than she had dreamt.

When it became time for her to change, together we embraced and kissed. It was sad for both of us to see her go for the time being. Another day was booked for us to spend time together.

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