Monday, 16 January 2017

2017..... blergh!

Only a short update as 2017 has not been the best start for me as years go. I felt forced to leave a job that I loved and it was hanging over me all over Christmas and New Year and I was totally shocked and horrified when I realised it was best I left. So much of 2017 so far has been spent job hunting and no doubt this will continue for a while.

In other news Lucy heard back from the Gender GP about her blood test results and has had her oestrogen dose increased so now has 2 patches at a time, a 6.4mg and a 3.2mg estradiol patch. Although she had already seen changes on the single 6.4mg patch she is hoping to start seeing more significant changes on the increased dose. As I replace the patches for her and remove the residue left behind from the sticky patches, now more work for me.
We had planned a trip to Pink Punters on 13th Jan and were unsure whether we could still afford to go without my income however we did go and had a brilliant time. After all the stress of the past few weeks it was great fun to be out and about meeting old friends and new and as always great to be spending time with Lucy.
Last week we also visited the tattooist and they are drawing up my tattoo and something new for Lucy's thigh - she certainly seems to have got the tattoo bug! I am really looking forward to getting mine done.