Friday, 22 March 2019

Trans Radio UK first birthday

Friday 22nd February 2019 was Trans Radio UK’s 1st birthday. We had come such a long way from all the ideas and planning of a radio station to those first few days on air and wanted to do something to commemorate this.

We have a brilliant batch of DJ’s so with them we organised a day of live shows from 9am to midnight. Each DJ had their own live slot throughout the day and we had advertised the schedule and their individual shows. What was fantastic was the buzz that we all had between us on the lead up to the day and on the day itself. We have a group chat for the DJ’s and everyone was messaging and supporting each other throughout the individual shows plus they all got pressie of coveted Trans Radio mugs!

9-12: The day started with Michelle-Anne who did the first ever live breakfast show up to midday. As always Michelle-Anne has her own unique style and loves a bit of chat and always gets lots of listener interaction under the chat threads on the group. Her shows are always lively and start with her catchphrase of 'hiiiiyyyaaaa'!

12-3pm: Shaz Kuiama was there to inject their unique style and interactive show with 3 hours of birthday fun. Always a mine of useful (and maybe some not so useful) information, but always interesting. She got us through the afternoon with a very lively show.

3-5pm: DJ Lucy Clark was back live on air. This was the prelude to her again taking on a couple of regular weekly shows starting in March, The Rewind Show and Weekend Vibe. Her birthday show was filled with lots of tunes and some interesting interviews.
Stephen Ireland – Chairman of Pride in Surrey, who is putting on the first ever Pride event in surrey on 10th August 2019 in Woking. Trans Radio will be attending this event so if this is olocal for you, come along and join in the fun and come and say hello to us and we will give you a shout out on the radio!

Joanne Lockwood – Jo and her wife Marie were featured in the second episode of the Channel 4 documentary, The Making of Me. She was talking to Lucy from her hairdresser’s chair while she was having her hair re-done. She chatted about the show which had been filmed over 2 years and for them really showed the effect of transitioning can affect your partner but despite all the highs and lows they have found their happy place together. She also chatted a bit about her fantastic Equality, Diversity and Inclusion consultancy, See Change Happen (you may remember that I’m working with Jo and our local NHS trust).

Kellie Maloney – Kellie is a long term supporter of the radio station and was the first person Lucy had interviewed back at the beginning. She came on and had a little chit chat with Lucy. Last week they had been together on Channel 5 news talking about the recent comments that Martina Navratilova had made about Trans people in sport. Lucy is also going on to Kellies BBC  show with some other sports people to have a similar but longer discussion. Both Lucy and Kellie announced that they would be hosting a chat show together in March, just playing music and chatting about current topics where callers will also be able to ring in to join in. Very exciting news!

5-6pm: This was the Ruby Fury Goth/Metal birthday special. She crammed it full of the usual Ruby tunes, maybe a bit lighter than some of those she would use on her evening shows and several that were birthday songs. She was our first DJ to join us in 2018. She provided another great birthday show with her own unique style.

6-8pm: Courtney Louise, who is one of our newer DJs, brought her own special vinyl show to the celebrations. A collection of tunes old and new, all played live on vinyl along with her gentle chat and we had her serenading us as well.
8-10pm – Michelle-Ann had obviously not had enough and she was back again but this time with her interactive 80’s show. This lady is always happy and enthusiastic and I just get tired listening to her – seriously she is infectious! Of course the show started with hiiiiyyyaaaa!

10pm-midnight: This was Ayako Yamato bringing her own unique Party Special finishing the day with a bang. Tunes form the likes of Orbital, Velvet Acid Christ, Prodigy all of which were slightly away from her usual tunes she was giving us Alternative Disco!

It was a totally fantastic day and the vibe from all the DJs and the interaction from all the listeners was amazing. Everyone was buzzing and chatting about it for ages and all the DJs really supported each other throughout the day. On this one day the radio station was listened to in 28 countries - wow!

Since the birthday celebrations we have brought on some new DJs and have others in the pipeline so it is exciting times as this means more shows. Come and join TransRadioUK page on Facebook where we have all the DJ schedules and post all the updates or join in the chat and banter on the group.

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