Monday, 24 April 2017

When Lucy met Megan

Megan is our 14 year old daughter. I have referred to her in previous posts as 'M'. As you will know we told her about Lucy just under a year ago and her reaction was brilliant. She can't wait to met some of our close friends, Jenny & Ethan and Paulette.

She has been very non plussed about it all and doesn't think that it is a big deal. She has seen many pictures of Lucy all made up and out and about and is on our Facebook accounts so has access to all our activities and pics - some where we are both a little worse for wear! At home she doesn't bat an eyelid when Lucy wanders round in her fluffy slippers or is wearing a dress for the evening and all Lucy's new clothes purchases are shown to both the girls for their opinion. She sees the washing on the line, the array of beauty products strewn around our bedroom and Lucy who used to be totally shy about being seen coming out the bathroom no longer hides away and everyone is just so comfortable.

Despite all this, Megan had never seen Lucy properly dressed up, with make up looking like she does in the many pictures. So we decided we were having a girls night in, me, Lucy, Megan and my other daughter B. We bought all sorts of nibbles and a couple bottles of prosecco and chose to watch the film Bridget Jones Baby.

Lucy went upstairs and got ready starting with a bath. B (who has been out with us in the past) finished off Lucy's make up and included a little tutorial on applying eye shadow too. Lucy takes an age to get ready but eventually she was finished. She hid in our bedroom and actually turned the light off as she was nervous. Megan came along and turned the light on and when she saw Lucy her face just lit up and she squealed and gave Lucy the biggest hug. It was just a totally amazing moment.

We all went downstairs for the food and the film. Lots of pictures were taken of both the girls and Lucy and Megan spent all night by Lucy's side (it is very rare to get Megan even out of her bedroom for dinner these days). The whole night just whizzed by. Lucy relaxed and Megan was just brilliant.

So as you will expect, we are planning another girls night in as we all had just such a brilliant time.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Another marathon

Well done Lucy!!! On Sunday she ran the Brighton Marathon and raised lots of money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. She suffered quite a bit as both her achilles were hurting before she even started and nearly gave up after half a mile when she was running uphill around Preston Park however she is not one to give up and she persevered and made it. I am so proud of her and her achievement especially as I know she hates running.

I did post some pictures of her during the race on Facebook (as him sadly) and quite a few people commented on the length of her hair. It is getting quite long now and the baby fine hair that has replaced the thinning patch is getting long enough that the patch is disappearing - proof that Finasteride works. Even when she is dressed as 'him' I am loving the longer hair. It is still partially at the side sticking out stage but I think she looks really cute (and younger too!) and it does change her face although that could be the hormones too as her face shape does appear to be softening. I thought it was just me that could notice but Emma (our nail lady) commented on it too. She also mentioned that in one of the marathon pictures you could see her breast changes through the t-shirt even though she was wearing a tight sports bra and funnily enough I thought the same. I think we could see it as we knew the situation and I don't think anyone who doesn't know would notice. The hormones are definitely having the right affects as it seems to me every day her boobs are getting bigger and the shape is changing for the better and her body shape is changing as she is getting a waist. All good signs!

In other news.....
Lucy has has a call up for her to have a cervical smear test! That did make us both chuckle but at least it means that all her medical records have had the gender marker changed as well as her name. Just a shame that B our 21 year old daughter has got another 4 years before she gets called for hers!

Lucy went for a routine blood test this week. As she was in 'male mode*' when she went she took our daughter M with her for support. There was some confusion from the nurse who firstly thought she was taking blood from M but when Lucy said they were here for her the nurse then said that she had the wrong persons blood test request slip. Lucy told her she hadn't however the nurse was sure it was wrong and got up to go out the room when Lucy told her to please sit down and that it was the right slip and she was the right person and to have a look at what the blood test was for. The nurse slowly realised the situation and Lucy explained that she was 'work in progress'. The bloods were taken ok and now we just have to wait for the results to send off to Dr Webberley.
*male mode - this is very misleading as she is looking more and more feminine by the day. A more accurate description may be she is looking more and more non-binary when casually dressed in male type clothing because when she is wearing female gender specific clothing she looks more girlie because the clothes are matching her better. I know what I mean even if I have confused the hell out of you all!

Lucy is now changing her passport details and sent an email to her GP. Unfortunately it turns out he is off on holiday at the moment along with the other GP in the practice who is aware of Lucy's situation so she will have to wait a little bit longer to see if they will write the necessary letter. We don't expect this to be an issue but you never know.

She is also an admin assistant for the Sparkle weekend event in July. She is not a Trustee but seeing the work she is doing behind the scenes (and what everyone else is doing) makes you realise how much work goes into this event. It is certainly shaping up to be a fantastic weekend but I'm now not sure how much of it we will spending enjoying as it looks like we both may be helping out. Watch this space!