Friday, 30 October 2015

Bye Abby

For a few years we continued going out and having fun living a double life. Boy we really had some fun times together.

As a couple we had always been close but this seemed to bring us so much closer. By now he was wearing underwear, toe nail varnish, ankle chain, belly ring and shaving full time (apart from his arms). This was fine by me as we had reached our happy place. Shaving in the winter, growing it back for the summer so not to raise suspicions from the family especially in the pool on holiday. Always bitter sweet as I had grown to love the double life we had so missed it when we didn't go out.

He had proposed many years ago and as we had both been married before I was in no rush to get married. By now we had a daughter together that both sets of kids adored. Eventually we decided to get married which we did in spite of everything I knew about this man I loved. To me it made absolutely no difference. I had always been very comfortable with my sexuality so it didn't matter if my partner of choice was a man, woman or anything inbetween. Recently my daughter has called me Pan Sexual and although I hate tags this is a tag I would be proud to wear.

We got married abroad and it was the most fantastic day of my life. It is a day I will never forget for the rest of my life.

Just before we got married he started to put on weight.... he gave up smoking and the counter effect was weight gain. The confidence went and Abby was resigned to the wardrobe. He threw away many of Abby's clothes and went into denial and poor Abby was renounced. The only thing that remained was the underwear, ankle chain and belly ring. Even so everything was very covert and nothing was open any more. No more nights out.... Abby was gone :(

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