Friday, 30 October 2015

Meeting 'her'

By this time I was anxious to meet this other person in my fella's life. What did she look like, what clothes did she wear, my head was spinning. At this point she was unnamed and unknown to me. However our life as boyfriend and girlfriend continued. Nothing had changed and at this point he wasn't wearing anything feminine while with me.

He was obviously very nervous and had a lot to lose by opening completely up to me but I needed to meet this other person. So we picked one night where we would be on our own with no children around. He went upstairs to my bedroom whilst I sat nervously downstairs. My head was spinning with excitment and intrepidation..... how would I react, how would he react, how would I feel...... the thoughts were endless.......

He shouted down to me and carefully came down the stairs. I saw the black high heels first with stockinged legs, the swish of a long black dress, topped with a blonde bob wig. Fairly light makeup and bright red lipstick.......

Oh my God...... here was my man, dressed like a woman stood before me. He even had breast forms and a bra. This was obviously no casual game of dress up as a lot of thought, time and effort had been invested. I could see he was shaking and as I held his hands I could feel they were clammy with nerves. We sat down together and held each other.

I actually felt so comfortable.... not sure he felt the same way. We held hands and chatted for hours. Realisation of the situation sunk in but this was fine for me. I knew this was not an issue and would not get in the way of me continuing to love this man.... woman..... whatever. It didn't matter to me.

Over the next few weeks together we made some changes. Firstly we had to come up with a name for this new person in our life. Several names were banded around but we finally settled on Abby. Secondly we needed to get a new wig.... the hair he had chosen was a cheap blonde bob and my thoughts when I first saw Abby was that her hair made her look like her mum. We had to change that! We searched the internet together and found a lovely longer blonde wig, not expensive, but different. We also hit the shops together...... Superdrug to get new make up and the womens clothes shops. We had great fun browsing the rails together and picking out clothes and underwear for Abby. We researched the right foundation to buy and bought some online. She now had a whole new wardrobe, makeup, perfume and toiletries. It was at this point she started shaving.... 

She was fully dressing when I wasn't around however we made time to have special nights in together. We had to make sure none of the kids were around or awake and the slightest noise would send us both jumping around. These nights were lovely and we would drink wine, chat, watch tv and surf the internet. By now we had found websites and chat rooms supporting people like Abby. This was a whole new world for us both. Mostly these nights were very sexually charged and one thing generally led to another with Abby still wearing her underwear in bed. 

For a long time this was just how it was.

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