Friday, 30 October 2015

More going out and meeting people

Through the first evening out we met a couple of girls that we stayed in touch with. The Angels was a great support group but it became obvious there was precious little support for trans partners. I muted the idea of a Yahoo offshoot group where partners could chat together but privately away from their partners about their fears, concerns and swap stories. The Angels founders took this on board and created a separate partners group. This proved invaluable and through this group I met some really good friends.

The Angels also organised nights out for everyone where girls and partners could go out clubbing and drinking together. By this time we had got to know a few people from the chat forum. A night was organised to go to a place in Milton Keynes called Pink Punters which is a LGBT venue. As well as access to the floors of the club (there are 2 floors) we also would have access to a quieter attic bar should we want to escape for a while. This was very reassuring.

We booked a room in the Campanile hotel dead opposite Pink Punters where we were all staying and all organised a time to meet up with everyone else fully dressed. The excitement and panic set in. This was our first time out doing our own makeup etc but we had nothing to worry about. Once we had met up, the worst thing was tottering across the grass wearing high heels and then crossing a busy A road.

The club was massive and the 2 dance floors on 2 floors were playing different music. We first went up to the attic bar before we felt ok to venture out into the rest of the club. Although this was a 'trans' night and there very many girls dressed up in a wide variety of outfits and styles there were also members of the LGB community as well as a handful of straight people. We ventured out quite quickly as we have always loved a good party and before we knew it we were dancing away, having a fabulous time and marvelling at the outfits and makeup of the other girls from the discrete and quiet to the large, loud and extravagant. We were joined by the new friends we had made both trans girls and partners and had an amazing night out. This ended up being one night of many at Pink Punters. This became our venue of choice as it was not filled with trans people so gave the impression of a 'normal' club and we had such a great time there.

The next time out there was for a Christmas party where we all donned our glad rags and went for dinner at the Campanile first before venturing out and having a party at Pink Punters (PP). Through this I met some fantastic life long friends who were partners of trans people.

We ventured out once again to Transmission in London. This time our newly made friends all stayed at the local Thistle Hotel. This turned out to be one of the best nights out ever. We partied away all night at Transmission and then then went back to the hotel where Abby proceeded to coerece the night receptionist into swapping clothes...... so for a few minutes Abby became the receptionist to the delight of the girls we were with.

Unfortunately at some point during the later part of the evening one of the girls a little worse for wear tampered with Abby's hair.... this caused a little uncomfortable moment but once hair was rearranged all was ok. The biggest cardinal sin is for anyone to touch the hair!!

We preferred venues which were not full of trans people as we wanted an environment as normal as we could have. We spent many a long weekend partying away at Pink Punters. We would arrive on the Friday and leave on the Sunday totally shattered but totally fulfilled. Such fun we had, just me and Abby.

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