Friday, 30 October 2015


We had to pick surname for Lucy as she didn't want to use the family name. We selected a few options and Lucy made her choice. She also set up her own Facebook and Twitter as well as having a separate phone number to him so we could text and WhatsApp. It was important to differentiate between the 2 and I would speak/message differently depending on who I was talking to. We discussed telling my eldest daughter and how we would tell her but for the time being thought better of it. Little did I know of the explosion that was just about to happen.

He thought that my eldest daughter had been snooping around. No reason for the feeling but it was a feeling he had nonetheless. She had been sharing my laptop and I had been vigilant in making sure I had logged out of Facebook and other places, or so I thought.

There were a few comments. At the time I was watching 'I am Cait' with my daughter and she mentioned about how she would be fine if anyone in our family wanted to transition. Asking me how I felt about it all and ultimately asking me if I had any secrets to share which I denied. This prompted a flurry of messages between Lucy and I. Lucy did her own snooping and found a Reddit post which described our family perfectly and mentioned about the stepdad being trans from a message the posters sister had read on her mums laptop. OMG this was us! The feeling of dread that filled us both was undescribable. The responses the poster (my son) received from other Reddit users were very supportive. The feelings my son had posted on behalf of him and his sister were very balanced and supportive to us. We knew what we had to do.

Lucy picked a time when I was not around to speak to my daughter. Dressed as him she told my daughter about the feelings she had always had, what our life had been like and how together we were as a couple. Lucy showed pictures of us and her going back a few years. My daughter embraced everything and was enthusiastic and supportive. She had studied beauty at college for a while and was already planning beauty treatments and girls nights in for her and Lucy. 

When I came home the pair were thick as thieves and making plans. It was good for Lucy to have another CIS female on her side. My son came home from work early already having been updated by his sister. Again he was incredibly supportive and asked a few good questions which Lucy openly answered. He was concerned for me but once he knew how long I had known about the situation and that I had no issue with it all he felt reassured I was ok.

My daughter and Lucy had lots of girlie nights in. Lucy works nights, I work days and my daughter works erractic hours. For a while I felt excluded as these nights were when I was in bed and I would get up in the morning to be confonted with face pack packets, nail varnish all out and girlie stuff everywhere. The shopping took off to new highs and I have never seen so many deliveries from New Look to our house. Lucy and my daughter have similar taste in clothes so were totally enjoying shopping together. This was a secret which had only been between Lucy and me for 15 years and for my part it was hard sharing her with someone else in the family especially when they were doing beauty things together which I had not been allowed to do for fear of discovery. Eyebrows properly waxed and tinted and the last bit of Lucy not to be shaved, her forearms, finally went. We still have a younger daughter together (13) and for the time being it is important she is not alerted. It has to be when the time is right for us all.

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