Monday, 9 November 2015

Monday musings

Lucy has and will change our lives together completely and utterly. It is funny how we both keeping checking with each other how much we love each other. Lucy is worried for me about not having a man around any more and everything that comes with being intimate and I worry that the hormones may change the type of person she fancies and that I may not been enough for her.

As a he and she couple we have always been incredibly close and from the moment we first saw each other we knew we would be together. This closeness has stayed with us over all the years and if anything we are closer than we have ever been which I never thought would be possible and despite all the changes things are still very electric between us.

We are formulating a plan of all the things that we need to get done ourselves that the NHS won't pay for like some of the laser hair removal. This looks like it will be quite expensive so we need to save and make cuts elsewhere so it can be done. 

Lucy also has some not so nice tattoos which we have discussed. We think having them laser removed is not the best option so are considering getting them overlaid with something much nicer, more girlie and more in keeping with Lucy. Unfortunately these were one of the things she did trying to make herself more macho in her later teenage years and have turned out to be something she has always regretted. For the time being for going out and about she wears long sleeves or a wrap which covers them. At home she is not so conscious of them as it is only us that can see them.

Today I am working from home and love seeing Lucy wandering around in her big pink fluffy dressing gown and white furry boot slippers. She just looks so chilled and relaxed. She had her eyebrows tinted again the other day. Think we need to do something serious with them though as even with us trimming, waxing and plucking them they are still quite coarse.

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