Friday, 6 November 2015

1st GP visit

Well today we had the first ever visit to the GP. Such a big step for Lucy to take but one small step towards transition and the long road ahead.

We sat there together with nervous anticipation. Lucy was wearing very generic girls clothes and nothing male. Although the system said there was no delay that we were sat waiting for 45 mins before we got seen. The waiting room was uncomfortably warm which really didn't help but we sat there holding hands. No-one paid any attention to us and Lucy commented that in 5 years time if we sat there in the same way that people would notice us...... I said I didn't care.

The first thing that the GP said as we walked in the room was how nice Lucy's coat was. We both threw amused looks at each other as it is a girls parker jacket with a faux fur edged hood. It made us both smile a little. 

When we sat down it seemed to be that the GP wanted to discuss other issues before we managed to get him round to the reason for our visit. I was sitting across the room from Lucy which was the only place there was a second chair and wished I had moved next to her to support her as she started to tell her story to the GP. She told of all her feelings since a child, the unhappiness with her birth body and the double life she continues to lead. Lucy also told of the official name change (we need to change her name at the surgery but it was so late we decided to go back and do this at a later date). He listened to what she had to say and asked her questions about how she felt and why she considered herself to be transgendered which obviously she was able to answer in a lot of detail going back very many years. Lucy told of the support of her 2 step children as well as support from a couple of our close friends. The GP directed a few questions to me which was great as he was making me involved in the discussion and he was able to gather how supportive I am to Lucy, her decision and the path ahead of us. He seemed to be a little surprised that we had got married with me knowing all about Lucy. He did not rush us bearing in mind our appointment was so late and he spent the time getting to fully understand the situation.

He did seem a little unsure of the process but luckily Lucy has kept up to date with all the current referral procedures and processes and she had the GP googling Charing Cross GIC which is where she wants to be referred to. After some discussion about NHS processes he agreed he would refer Lucy there. There was a little light hearted banter about hair loss treatments which was amusing as he was completely bald on top! As we went to leave Lucy commented that this situation may have been a first for the GP but he answered that it wasn't. Not bad for a very small town I suppose.

We walked out the surgery relieved that it had all gone so well discussing what had been said and the merits of me being there. I commented that I was a little disppointed that we didn't get to show a couple of our hundreds of photos which Lucy found most amusing!

This is it. This is real. We have been to a healthcare professional who knew 'him' but was very accepting of Lucy and the situation. Now the long wait for the first GIC appointment which will be torturous. I'm sure we will fill in the time making plenty of preparations.

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