Thursday, 5 November 2015

Hair and beauty

Well a couple of days ago the online banking showed it had been changed from his to Lucy's name. We celebrated. First major thing to be changed and Lucy was very happy.

It is so funny the conversations we have now. To be DD or not.... Having to delicately speak to girlfriends to work out what DD cup size looks like and pros and cons. Luckily the one friend I spoke to was actually this cup size and the conversation was hilarious as she did not know why I was asking and Lucy was at home cracking up with the messages I was sending. Up until now this has not been a subject that I have researched before and Lucy had definitely not considered the use of sports bras or sleeping with boobs this big.

Then there is the laser hair removal conversations...... is it worth it, areas to have done, the pain etc and then Lucy announced she would have to have 'the man bit' lasered as you can't have hair on the bit that is going to form the inside of her new 'lady garden'. For the next couple of hours we kept looking at each other and pulling light hearted pained faces at each other. It is good that we still have our sense of humour!

From the hair that she wants rid of to the hair she wants to keep..... she is now starting to grow her own hair however she has a couple of thinning patches. Not that bad but still thinning none the less. So until she has a professional consultation and treatment we now have have hair thickening shampoo and a bottle of Regaine and applications being religiously adhered to. More stuff that costs a fortune.

And there is her beauty regime. She totally puts me to shame. Every day for years she has slavered body moisturiser everywhere after bathing or showering. The every other day complete body shaving and the shares that we need to buy in Wilkinson Sword for the amount of Intiution blades she buys. I did contact Wilkinson Sword to see if we could buy these in bulk somewhere but despite explaining our situation they could offer no solution! Thanks for your help - not!

Every bath is either full of bubbles or she has a bath bomb and she is in there for at least an hour. We have had a nightmare with these blinking bath bombs. I didn't realise how completely rubbish they could be.  Lucy loves her Snapchat so there are many a disappointed chat where the bath bomb has sunk to the bottom of the bath with no fizz. It has been a matter of great disappointment for her.... she has tried them from all sorts of different shops but still the lack of fizz. As far as I am am concerned there is only one place to get decent bath stuff (at a price of course) and luckily there is a shop at the station I go via to work so I popped into the wonderful Lush store at London Victoria and picked out a few bath bombs as my pressie to her. The ensuing snapchats were full of elation from Lucy as these didn't just fizz.... they FIZZED!!

For many years she chewed her finger nails off when they got too long and was never bothered about how they looked and pretty much the same with her toenails too. Now she has lovely, strong and manicured nails looked after by her own private manicurist, me! I am not envious at all by how strong her nails are! She also has gorgeous toenails again serviced by her private manicurist. These have lovely gem patterns on them and she is thrilled with them. This week I spent about an hour filing and polishing all her nails for her. My daughters and I love nail varnishes and have a collection of at least 100 of different shades and colours so there is plenty of choice. I have a lovely lady who comes to our house to do nails (fingers and toes) every 4 weeks for myself and a group of friends.  She has been coming over for years and every time Lucy is jealous that she can't have hers done as she is not 'out' to our youngest daughter. She stares whistfully over while we are all having lovely varnish and painted patterns and gems put on our nails. This will obviously all change once our daughter knows and Lucy will be first in line for a proper manicure and pedicure and have some of the gorgeous patterns this lady does on nails.

Luckily my older daughter did a beauty course a year or so ago and now is into beauty as a hobby (although she is now considering a career in this again) so today Lucy had her eyebrows, tinted, waxed and plucked. All looking lovely and neat again. When we are next out in London we will probably get them done and threaded too.

She now has the most amazing makeup collection and I have spent more on getting the proper bits for her than I do on myself. Much of what she has I also have and she is looking forward to the day when she doesn't have to wear such thick foundation. Currently it is the Kryolan TV stick but we have also been looking at MAC Full Coverage foundation but this requires a visit to the shop in Covent Garden to get a colour match done properly. Another job to do when we are next in London - will have to do some saving as none of this stuff comes cheap!

Tomorrow is D day. First appointment with the GP and I'm leaving work early so I can go with Lucy. She is very excited about this but I am more cautious as I really hope that our GP is sympathetic and understands our situation.

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