Wednesday, 2 November 2016

1st tattoo finished and other stuff

Hurrah..... 9+ hours later and the first tattoo cover up is complete. It looks totally amazing. I'm not allowed to show a picture of before but suffice to say it was a typical late 1980's macho bulldog type picture.

However I am allowed to show you the finished design.......

As you can see, the old tattoo is gone and the design and colours are beautiful! Lucy is so very happy with it and so I am. Now on to the start of the next cover up next week which will be the outline of the Phoenix at the top of her other arm. Watch this space for updates.

In other news, Lucy is now developing 'teenage' spots. Another confirmation that the hormones are taking affect which we thought they were anyway but just good to have another sign. Soon it will be mood swings so our house will be full of joy!! I've told her I'm packing her off to boarding school :)

As mentioned before we are sure there has been some breast tissue growth. We know it is early days but it definitely seems to have changed. My friend was over at the weekend (the one who has been out with us) and Lucy made a comment how she had been sat 'topless' in the same room as her and really shouldn't do that now things are changing. My friend asked what had changed and we said there had been some small changes in the breast area and she asked to see and laughed. I immediately said that it was a bit inappropriate to ask as you wouldn't ask a teenage girl going through puberty to show her breasts. In any event Lucy did show her and and despite us saying the changes were small (obviously Lucy and I would notice any change as we are intimate with each other and know each others bodies well) she looked and said 'oh is that it' showing disappointment that Lucy was not showing off more breasts. I'm not sure what she expected to see and her reaction was disappointing as even if she couldn't see any change (I'm not sure how often she ever paid attention to, if at all, 'his' breasts) she could have given a couple of words of encouragement but instead we had to reiterate that it had only been a month of hormones and therefore any change whatsoever would be slight. You could clearly see on her face the non understanding.

I wasn't comfortable with this at all and just hope that this friend thinks a little bit more before asking to see any changes as I wouldn't be happy Lucy doing this and showing bits of her body as she goes through her transition. I know it is Lucy's body but there are plenty of changes this friend will be able to see without her removing her clothes. Just hope she doesn't ask to see Lucy's 'minnie mouche' when she has one!!!

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  1. I am so glad that Lucy is progressing and that changes are happening. Curiosity often overrides manners, I'm sure your friend didn't intend rudeness. Lucy is in the bubble, which makes it very hard to control the excited giddiness. I can see why you would be uncomfortable, I'm such a prude believe it or not. My wife will be lucky if I show her my breasts. Well I will show her, and she will be lucky ;)