Saturday, 29 October 2016

M&S hmmmm......

Well we got a further response from M&S and to be honest we are very disappointed. They did not answer any of the questions and reiterated their previous response. Not good for an international brand.

They also have not confirmed that there has been additional training to any staff on this issue as it does appear that it seems to be lacking. I suppose all we can do is watch this space however it has put Lucy off visiting this particular store when she is full time. As it is our local store this could be an issue however in all honesty M&S is not a store that features high on her list of favourite stores. I like it as I think their underwear is great.

On another note,  Lucy's tattoo is not finished. Although we went yesterday and in total she was there for 3 hours there is still another hour or so left needed to complete it. It just looks so amazing and Lucy is impatient to get it finished and the next one started so she has 2 appointments next week; one on Tuesday to finish this one and one later in the week to start the Phoenix. I have seen the drawing and it looks amazing. He is drawing up a smaller version for me and I am undecided exactly where I will have it yet. Thinking maybe thigh? There is no rush as I cannot afford it until after Christmas and I want the flower design I have picked first to go on the top of my back.

Second prescription has come and Lucy now has another 3 months of meds so all good.

Things seem to be moving along quite nicely at the moment.

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