Tuesday, 8 November 2016


Ha ha I bet that title got your attention!

We definitely have a change in the breast area.

Despite only having been on the patches for nearly 5 weeks there are noticeable changes. There is definitely breast tissue starting to form however the biggest change is in Lucy’s nipples. It feels a bit uncomfortable writing about the intimate changes in her body but my blog is kind of a diary documenting all the changes that happen during her transition as well as all the other things in our lives.

I hadn’t noticed the nipple change until this weekend and I was surprised as this change had happened in a few days. We both know each others bodies well. When I mentioned it to Lucy of course she had noticed but hadn’t said anything. The shape hasn’t changed however they are much softer, pinker and slightly larger. This change is great news as it mean that the patches are taking effect. 

There has been so much chat on some forums recently where the patches have not been working for many people and they have not seen any changes. The reason given is that the patches give a trickle dose of oestrogen (estrogen for those in the US) rather than a large hit like the tablets or the injections. Lucy is on the high dose patches which delivers 100mcg of oestrogen in 24 hours and these seem to be working fine for her. It will be interesting to see the changes in her oestrogen and testosterone levels when she next has a blood test.  
Exciting times!!

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