Thursday, 27 October 2016

Lloyds and M&S update

This afternoon Lucy had a phone call from Lloyds Bank. They have confirmed that there was a note on Lucy's account in big black writing however as she was using the chip and pin card to pay the money in that the note was not displayed. They confirmed with Lucy which branches she mainly uses and they will update all the staff so they are aware although this did make Lucy feel she was being pointed out to everyone and be known as 'that's the one'. The manager also said that if it happens again which it could, to ask the teller to look at the note on the account. This means Lucy would not have to provide any other id or have an awkward conversation in front of other customers. He also offered her compensation which she accepted of course but she reiterated she had not complained to get compensation but to make sure she is treated fairly and with respect as should all Lloyds customers.

She also received an email from the M&S executive office.

Having identified the members of staff involved and investigated this matter I would like to assure you the staff’s conduct was not based on the appearance of a fellow customer. The staff were chatting and joking about a fellow member of staff and whilst their conduct was not what we would expect from our staff we are confident it was in no way prejudiced.
The members of staff have been spoken with and told their conduct was inappropriate.
While knowledge of any disciplinary action taken must remain internal due to confidentiality, I want to assure you I am confident the matter has been dealt with in store.

Well this is quite a contradictory statement and not quite what we expected. In one point he is saying that they were not laughing at the trans woman but at another member of staff and then in another point he states that the staff members have been told that their behaviour was inappropriate and hints towards disciplinary action.

I'm sorry but sniggering and calling another member of staff over to openly point at the trans lady in question and then to laugh together was NOT laughing at another member of staff especially as there were no other staff members around. Lucy and I were walking a little bit behind the trans lady so could clearly see the situation unfold and we hung around for at least 5 minutes or more after as we wanted to get the staff members name and there definitely wasn't anyone else at all in the vicinity. In fact I found an excuse to chat and ask a question to the member of staff concerned so I could get close enough to read her name badge. I'm sure they must also have security camera's too which will confirm the situation.

We are not idiots and we clearly saw what happened no matter what excuse the staff member (remember she is a bra fitter) gave for her transphobic behaviour. Just because Lucy wasn't dressed at the time it didn't make her any less trans than the lady shopping. You never know who is watching!

So of course we have responded citing these facts and also stated that it was not disciplinary action we wanted. The expectation is that they clearly have a need to address an obvious training requirement to ensure that all customers are treated with respect no matter who they are and also to be aware that you never know who may witness bad behaviours.

Let's see how they respond!


  1. It sounds as if some progress was made with Lloyds, I can't help but think they should need a note reminding them to be decent people. It should be a culture they nurture within their company. Same can be said of M&S, it's just about treating everyone with respect, not pretending that the person you are making fun of isn't in some way a reflection of their own failings.
    I am glad they are responding though, it shows that you have an ear, that perhaps over time you and Lucy can show them the way. Well done, both of you.

    1. Sigh, "Shouldn't" in that first sentence. I'm knackered.

  2. We just hate transphobia.... one day that could be someone doing that to Lucy.... that is what makes it all so sad.