Friday, 30 September 2016

Medication ordered!

Would you believe it? About an hour and a half after I did my last update the email came through from Dr Webberley with the link to the online pharmacy to order the medication for Lucy. It also stated that we should receive notification from the online pharmacy that they have the prescription - as it is 8.30pm I doubt that we will get the confirmation until tomorrow but decided to go ahead and order everything anyway.

We were surprised at the cost of the items. The Evorel patches and Finasteride tablets were surprisingly cheap and not what we expected. However the Vaniqa cream was extortionate by comparison especially as it was only a 60g tube. We had a debate about whether this cream was needed especially as Lucy is using the IPL for facial hair removal. We decided that it is worth ordering at least one tube for now which will assist her facial hair removal until the IPL treatment starts to show. The 60g tube should last 2 months but the Evorel and Finasteride were dispensed in quantities enough for a month. Next time apparently 3 months worth will be prescribed.

So it is all ordered. We paid extra for guaranteed next day delivery. As it is Friday evening now this means that we will be guaranteed to get it all by Tuesday.

We are both very excited. Lucy wants me to put the first patch on her which of course I will be honoured to do. We are also going to take weekly pictures so that we will be able to document all the changes. We are sure they will be easier to notice if we do a diary record as I am sure for a while we will think there are no changes until we compare against the pictures.

Exciting times.


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    1. Yikes Beth!!! Our house tonight has gone from frustrated and miserable to happy voices and BIG smiles. Now it will all be happening for real :)

    2. Sorry, I don't know why I'm getting duplicate posts here. Happens on my page as well, odd. Anyway! I'm so happy for all of you!