Thursday, 22 September 2016

Gender GP Counselling

So yesterday Lucy had her telephone counselling session with a counsellor from TheGender GP.

As you can imagine the lead up to the telephone call was nerve wracking. She was given a telephone number, name and a time to call. She went out and got her eyebrows threaded (the best they have been done so far I have to say – they look amazing), walked the dog, had a shower and tried to relax as much as she could but was full of excitement and nervousness.

She went up to our bedroom to make the call – not because the house was full of people, the opposite in fact as we were all out, but just it was away from everything and any distractions.

She rung the number and it was answered by a ‘male’ voice. She asked for the female counsellor and the voice confirmed that it was them. Initially Lucy was a little taken aback as she had not expected the counsellor to be a trans woman however actually it was great as Lucy was able to relax and talk about everything knowing that the person at the end of the phone probably knew exactly how she had been feeling all these years and how she feels now. I think Lucy opened up more than she would have done if it had been a CIS woman. Also this was the first time that Lucy had spoken about her life from childhood to now, her feelings, dysphoria and more to anyone else other than me.

It is times like this when Lucy is recounting conversations that I get to learn new things about feelings and experiences she has had over the years. It’s not that she doesn’t tell me things or deliberately withholds anything however I know she has not told me everything, not because she doesn’t want to, but more that it just hasn’t arisen in conversation. I am always keen to know as much as I can as I feel it just gives me a deeper understanding of her. I just want to hold her hand for every step of this journey we are on. I do love this woman so damn much!

The session was meant to be 40 mins however after 55 mins the counsellor said she had to go as she had another session in 5 mins. Lucy felt like she had only been on the phone for about 5 mins not 55 and that the conversation just flowed. They chatted about everything from her childhood and earliest memories right up until now, the dysphoria feelings, depression, dressing, going out, family, life, previous relationships and our relationship as well as expectations and future plans.

She told Lucy she had really enjoyed chatting with her and could have chatted for many more hours and Lucy felt the same. She said that she would write up her report to Dr Webberley in the next day or so but also that she was supporting Lucy in her request for treatment which was great news. When I came home and saw Lucy after her call she just looked so radiant, happy and just so ‘girlie’. And so it seems another step has been taken on this long and winding road. Fingers crossed she gets the first batch or hormones next week. Exciting times indeed!

In the meantime she has used the IPL for the first round of treatment on her face, chest and tonight I’m going to do her bum and backs of her thighs. It says that you needs 4-5 sessions with 2 weeks in between for each area so we are not expecting to see any difference for a while.

The Facebook partner support group I have mentioned before in previous posts seems to have had a few new members join in the last week and a couple of people in particular have the same outlook and attitude to me as well as having a few children. It is great to meet people who you can identify with, have lots in common with and can support each other. Heres to new friendships!

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  1. That is wonderful! I'm so glad that Lucy was able to speak without feeling self-conscious. And hurray for the hormones coming! She is in her bubble, brilliant! No one likes coming out of the bubble, stay in the bubble Lucy! Let me know how the IPL works for Lucy, I am saving for one myself :)