Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Holiday, nails, Gender GP and more..... couple of weeks catch up

So it has been a bit of a while since I last posted. Life has gone on and before you know it a few weeks have passed. So what has been happening?

Well we had our last holiday with 'him'. Well I say him but really it was a combination of him and Lucy but outwardly appearing as male. We went to Spain, all inclusive which we don't usually do. She was shaved for the whole holiday and Lucy was not far away with anything 'he' wore. It was a lovely, well needed break and M had a great time. Only criticism was our room didn't have aircon which would have been a total nightmare if Lucy had fully been there. As with all holidays it was over all too soon.

On the day we flew out to Spain Lucy also gave up smoking. This is the second time she has done this. The first time was in 2009 and she was a non smoker for several years however she drifted back into smoking after she put on 5 stone in weight. She has since lost all of this weight and is trying to watch what she is eating as she doesn't want to pile it all back on again. Easier said than done. She has now been cigarette free for 15 days and going. It has been hard, the first week or so were a bit of a nightmare and she has been having problems sleeping so went to the GP yesterday to get some sleeping tablets just for a few days and to get her body back into a better sleeping routine. Last night was the first night she actually managed to sleep for a few hours which is great. She drives for a living so needs to be alert when behind the wheel.

When we got back home from holiday Emma the nail lady was over a few days later and Lucy was able to have her to have her toe nails done professionally for the first time. Suffice to say Lucy was very happy. Emma also gave her fingernails a proper shape and file so they look great too.

We had an evening out at Pink Punters last Friday. Ideal timing as we both had nice tans and at midnight it was Lucy's birthday so we could really celebrate. As always we had great fun and Lucy looked stunning in a pink and black dress. I can honestly say that I love being out with Lucy and am incredibly attracted to her in all ways. Lucy was working the following evening and we had said "no shots" other than a birthday celebratory one at midnight of course however as expected we had a few others! We met friends old and new. Although it was a Big Night Out (BNO - a trans evening) there did not seem to be many other trans people around although we do know there is a whole load who like to sit up in the Attic Bar chatting. We are not keen on the Attic Bar as it is so very hot up there even on the coldest days and we both love to dance so you will always find us on the dance floor shaking our stuff. Lucy loves SnapChat and the next day I love looking back over her snaps from the evening and they never fail to make me smile.

And so much yet again for avoiding the official photographer!! We ended up in several pictures!!

For Lucy's birthday I splashed out and bought her a Philips Lumea 2009 (IPL). It was a lot of money but was well worth it and is one step in the direction towards permanent hair removal and will mean hopefully that she will need less laser treatment when the time comes. It will also have the added benefit that she will need less foundation if she can zap many of the hairs on her face now. It will only work on the darker coloured hairs and won't work on grey hairs however these will be the ones that will need to be lasered. I know she was pleased with it as it was unexpected due to the cost but as I had saved the money.... so what the hell! We had some fun last night doing test patches on both of us and our daughters tried it as well. So far no reactions which is great.

In the meantime Lucy has been in email communication with The Gender GPs (Dr Webberley) office. We paid the money last night which will put her on the path to hormones until the GIC start their process - still waiting for an appointment nearly a year later. Exciting stuff though!

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