Friday, 22 January 2016

2nd GP appointment

So….. Lucy had her medical at the GP yesterday. If you remember Charing Cross GIC sent a form to the GP to be competed and returned to them which included the bloods she had done earlier on in the week. The GP had passed the form to Lucy with sections marked for her to complete however it seemed many of the sections he had marked were for the GP to complete himself and not Lucy. She filled in everything that seemed to be directed at her personally and left the rest blank. Presuming as the GIC requested the blood tests that she won’t have to have them for her first appointment now.

Lucy seemed pretty calm about the appointment but my stomach was churning with excitement and nervousness for her. I’m sure she didn’t understand how I was feeling.

Anyway, in this particular GP surgery the doctors usually come into the waiting room and call out your name. Bearing in mind the GP knows Lucy but has also seen ‘him’ for many years, he was very diplomatic in how he called for Lucy and didn’t call her by her name as she was dressed pretty androgynously and not en femme. He spotted her and just signalled for her to come.

He did the usual weight and height things and filled in most of the form. He didn’t mention anything about the blood results so we are presuming that this means that it is all good news. There was one section on the form for detailing the justification for referring Lucy to the GIC and he asked Lucy to fill it in. Not sure that this was the right thing to do but obviously she had no problem in completing this and probably could have written loads.

So that was it. Short and sweet. The GP now has to return the form to the GIC and we play the waiting game to hear from them for her first appointment. Another excruciating long wait but another small step along the way.

Just need Lucy to give up smoking now. She gave it up before 6 years ago however put on a lot of weight which she has now lost. She has been smoking again now for the past couple of years and I know she is probably wary of giving up and possible weight gain however according to the GIC information “Smokers are advised to stop altogether.  This is because the risk of dangerous blood clots (embolism) with both oestrogens and androgens is raised to unacceptable levels in those who smoke.  Additionally, surgical outcome is better in non-smokers”. So Lucy if you are reading this (and I know you will be at some point!!), now’s the time!! JJJJJJ

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