Saturday, 31 December 2016

Welcome 2017

Christmas was great... marred by some horrid stuff going on at my work which hopefully will get sorted in the new year.

Lucy was happy with all the gifts I got her which was a first. I was worried about one top I got her but luckily she loved it. As usual Lucy spoilt me with lots of lovely gifts too. It was very funny the boxes she used for wrapping some smaller gifts..... made me smile

It was bitter sweet as this was the last year 'he' would be there however the 2 Christmas dinners we did (on 2 different days as we couldn't get everyone over on the same day) with all our kids and their partners went really well and no one mentioned anything about 'his' appearance and 3 of my sons clubbed together and bought Lucy and myself very generous vouchers for the tattoo shop. Exciting as Lucy also got me a voucher so in the new year I can get my tattoo started!

This week Lucy rang the GP surgery to get the results of the blood test she had done. It was quite amusing as the receptionist said that the GP had looked at the results and they were all normal!?! Normal? What's that all about? This was not the response we were expecting. Anyway Lucy went to the surgery and collected the print out of the results as this needs to be sent to the Gender GP.  It is the first time we have done any comparison on previous blood tests so we were not sure what we were totally looking for although in time I'm sure we will be experts. Lucy posted them on Facebook and one of our friends was able to interpret them for us. It appears that although the GP has changed Lucy's name on their records they have not changed her gender marker so the results are being compared to a male 'normal'.

Despite this her test on testosterone levels have dropped from 32 to 9.5 nmol/L (in 3 months on HRT) and her oestradiol level has increased to 196 pmol/L. The new testosterone level is above normal for female (0.5-2.6) range (9.0-40.0 for male) but on the very low end for a male..... I'm not sure what happens when it is between 2.6 and 9.0 though as it is on neither scale as they don't overlap. Oestradiol is in female range (77-2400) but at the low end but in there nonetheless. It all ties in with the physical changes we have seen so all good. Lucy has emailed these off to Dr Webberley and will wait to see what response she gets. She has also emailed the GP to get her gender marker changed so the results are given the correct comparison ranges.

Now Christmas is over the new year looms. Roll on 2017..... what a year of changes it will be!!

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  1. You and Lucy are such a perfect pairing. You are saying goodbye the mask that she wore for so long, and hello to your lives ahead. Change is always difficult, even when you welcome it. I hope your work gets sorted so that you have a better time of it. I know that with your strength of character, it won't be long in happening.
    Everyone starts out uninformed, Lucy will soon be the expert on reading her charts more so than the doctors. My first wife was paralyzed and after two years I was so advanced in spinal injuries I was often mistaken for a physical therapist, once as a doctor. (I corrected them) I am looking forward in being a specialist in our field as well. :)