Friday, 27 May 2016

Life goes on as usual for now

I have been a bit quiet as there has not really been much remarkable going on. We have been to Pink Punters a couple of times and found a nicer hotel which we are going to stay at in future. In fact we are now booked up to September! We are still awaiting the arrival of the replacement hair which the vendor assures me has been manufactured the same at the original so we will have to see.

Still no news on the bridging hormones via the GP. In the meantime we are also reading up about the Gender GP. I came across her by chance as she had been interviewed for a blog. For UK trans her website is interesting and full of advice.

Lucy is letting the hair on her forearms grow back for the summer. She thinks that as she is wearing shorter sleeved tops now it is warmer that people will notice they are shaved and wants to avoid awkward questions. I think she should carry on shaving as so many 'men' seem to shave everywhere these days I don't think it is a big deal. Our 13 year old daughter 'M' noticed a while ago and we got round it by saying her arms need to be shaved as we were looking into cover up tattoos. She hasn't made any further comments.

Lucy took M out shopping for new clothes the other day. They came back shortly after with lots of bags and ££s less. M was very happy with the things her 'dad' had picked out for her. It is quite funny really as my daughter in law to be (in 7 days - yikes!) commented on the fact that she should go shopping with 'him' as she had heard previously from our older daughter and me about how good 'he' is at helping pick out good clothes. If only she knew why!

Lucy went off shopping with our older daughter 'B' yesterday. They always have fun shopping together and came back with lots of stuff. Not so much for Lucy (a bit short on ££) but B had purchased plenty. Lucy casually walked in our bedroom and I couldn't miss the bling studs she was wearing in her ears! When she is 'he' she doesn't wear earrings ever but she is trialling it out. They really are very obvious as 'he' has very short hair so they are not hidden. Apparently she thinks the guy at the petrol station gave her a funny look. I'm sure they will be fine. Everyone wears all sorts of things so why should these diamante style earrings be any different? However we do have all the kids and their partners over for dinner on Sunday so I don't mind betting she won't be wearing them then!

They had gone shopping to a completely different town about 40 mins drive away which they and I have never been too before. Apparently the shops were great an funnily enough there was a hair/wig shop with some hair that Lucy liked. So we will be popping back sometime together to have a proper look around.

It is looking like I will be made redundant next year which will be a bit of a blow for us. Not sure when. I said to Lucy that I thought it amusing that when I apply for any new job, if I have one of those sexuality questionnaires that they ask everyone these days that I would put down that I'm a lesbian..... Made us both smile.

Lucy is still avoiding conversations about telling M. I still strongly believe M needs to be told this year and at the start of the school summer holidays (end of July). I truly believe she will be fine. Daughter M was chatting to daughter B about a trans boy at school in the year above her and how they have become good friends. They had a giggle moment when M said to B wouldn't it funny if mum said she wanted to be a man..... This gave B the opportunity to get M's feelings on the situation and she said that she would be surprised but supportive. All good vibes.

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  1. I too shave my arms, and I am often in shorts around the house. If my daughter and son have noticed, they haven't said anything. I believe that if they do notice,then when I finally tell them who I am, they will not be blindsided. "I wondered why your legs are silky smooth" instead of "I hate you for being a different gender and making my life harder to deal with".
    I love shopping with my daughter. She thinks it's great and I always find her the cutest outfits and dresses. I am living vicariously through her. I can totally understand the desire to tell her, but the fear that it will change the relationship negatively. Most likely completely unfounded fear, but fear isn't logical. You two are so wonderfully open with each other and with the children that know. I just know that "M" will not change negatively, that she will love Lucy for trusting her. Let me know if I can lend support to you two in any way.