Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Pink Punters 11 March 2016

As usual we had a totally fantastic time…….

This time we went with a friend of mine who had not been on a trans night for many years although she did come out with us to PP in December on a non trans night. The journey was a bit of a mare and took 3 hours instead of the usual 2 however sitting in traffic enabled me to paint Lucy’s nails for her. We did the usual drive through McDonalds to pick up some dinner but Lucy made me get in the driver’s side as she didn’t want the cashier seeing her painted nails. I told her they wouldn’t care but she was having none of it! I got the meals which we ate and then went off to the Campanile, the hotel dead opposite Pink Punters. When it came to checking in Lucy was adamant that I had booked it and I was sure she had (we take turns) and then we had a bit of a panic thinking neither of us had done it however when I got to reception it turns out it was Lucy. We were also able to pick up some of the bits we managed to leave behind last time.

We had one of the back rooms on the 2nd floor. I think over the years we have pretty much stayed in most of their rooms. Fairly small but enough room for us and all our stuff if we keep it relatively tidy. Lucy had brought an array of outfits and shoes. The only thing she brought one of was her perfume! As usual she tried on multiple outfits before she settled on the one…. the batgirl dress that she loves! Although she has worn it before it does look great on her and she loves wearing it. Once the outfit was decided, muggins had to do her make up for her. She still has not practiced at all since last time which she really does need to start doing. As mentioned before I am not over keen on doing someone else’s make up and she needs to practice for when she is full-time. I know it is difficult with Lucy working nights and our 13 year old daughter not knowing so time is limited to when Lucy gets up to when our daughter gets home from school.

Anyhow 2 bottles of Prosecco later we were all dressed and glammed up and we tottered off over to PP. Being a trans night it was busy full of girls, some of whom we have seen before and many we had not. We settled in on a spot on the 1st floor which is generally where we stand and keep our drinks. I do love a boogie and was dancing from the off and soon we all were. 

As always we end up chatting and dancing with lots of other people. We both like meeting new and old friends as we are both very sociable and this night was no exception. Lucy ended up chatting to a girl who had been on hormones for a while and had a lovely pair of boobs and even was able to have a cheeky feel. She was surprised how big they were and is in total awe…….. and is now more impatient waiting for the anticipated hormones! I got chatting to several girls, one in particular Ellie was great fun and I enjoyed her company. Turns out she is a PP regular and has the same sort of affection for the place as we do. She is also booked to go to Sparkle in July so there will be someone else there we know. There was also a cis-girl there that we had met the previous month when she was on a first date with a chap and it looked like they had got on really well. Turns out he was not so nice and she was there again on another first date. Well I think this new chap eventually left her to it as she was spending so much time dancing and socialising with us and not with him…. poor chap….. she was rather worse for wear though which probably didn’t help.

Good news! This time we not only have all the pictures from the evening but also took loads!!! Lucy managed to get a picture with her favourite bouncer and we both took selfies with Martin the toilet attendant and by the end of the evening Lucy even ended up laying on the pool table! What a girl! Turns out she also had her picture taken a couple of times by the official photographer. 

We thought the whole evening had gone without a hitch or any drama…. or so we thought! It transpired the next day that Lucy had either dropped her phone in the sink or down the toilet as it was soaking wet and not working properly. Luckily for her as of today it does seemed to have dried out and is working fine after a few days of it not charging.

As we always say, once a month going out and having fun just isn’t enough. We are constricted by the cost of the hotel stay and the petrol but will see if we can get back sooner or maybe do a double nighter. Luckily we are already booked for April which gives us both something to look forward too. Maybe we will do a double nighter in May. We will see. I really love being out with Lucy when she is fully dressed as Lucy. She is so much fun to be with and I think we bring out the fun side of each other. When we come home although Lucy is there she is not fully my Lucy and not the person she should be which makes me so very sad. The sooner she can get on the hormones the sooner she will have to come out to everyone and the sooner she can spend more as time as the person she truly is.


  1. I wanted to tell you, after reading your entire blog so far, that I think you are an amazing ally, partner and friend to your wife. Being these things doesn't mean you agree or are comfortable with all the things that are happening. It means that you support your partner when they need support, rally them when they are down, cheer them when they accomplish. You do this, and not many partners would. My wife is much like you, in many ways, but she is new to the me I have let her in on. You have given me wonderful insight into what my wife may be feeling, so that I don't rush things and forget this is a two person team. That her feelings are as important as my own, despite how the changes I am making create a kind of euphoria. Thank you, for your blog and for showing us all that a marriage can not only work, but flourish, given the right amount of love and respect.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words. We certainly work together as a team and our rule is 'no secrets'. It is true we are closer than ever which is great as we are definitely going to need each other on the road ahead. I fear the worst and most challenging times are yet to come but we will face them together. I write the blog to express how I am feeling no matter how mundane (I salute you for reading it all!) and I feel honoured that it may help you in some way. I am also hoping it will help my family and friends in the future who as yet are not aware of Lucy's existance xx