Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Life goes on

I know sometimes it is a big gap between one post and the other, but life does go on. What we consider to be 'normal' is probably very far removed from many other people's 'normal'.

As mentioned before Lucy is on a spending spree. She is obsessed with dresses it seems and has every type and still buys more!! More turned up today so I rest my case! It is nice tops that she is lacking in, she knows it but just doesn't seem to be drawn to them. She turned up with a dusty pink blouse the other day from Marks and Spencer..... yes it was a very nice blouse.... if you are in your 60's but I could never envisage Lucy in it. She is just such a more trendy dresser. What surprised me even more was that our 19 year old daughter had help her choose it. And they dare to criticise my dress sense!! Well it ended up being taken back and exchanged for a pair of jeans. I wish I could wear the same dresses as her as some of them are very nice but unfortunately she has the better figure and I have too big a 'baby belly' :(
Life for is still full of being secretative. Our 13 year old daughter still does not know about Lucy but she is going to twig on pretty soon. With the official name change completed in all places except the driving licence and passport authorities so it is a rush to make sure one of us gets the post before she gets to it. Lucy has lovely shaped eyebrows these days and is also growing her hair although the hair growing is being debated at the moment as my oldest son is getting married next year and it will be 'him' at the wedding not Lucy so she thinks 'he' should have his usual hair. We will see but after conversations tonight it looks like it is being cut tomorrow. It is all these whispered conversations and things we are still having to hide that make me impatient for people to be told as something will slip up somewhere.

Lucy works nights and I work days which sometimes makes it hard getting time together. We both love the overlap time we have in bed, sometimes a few minutes, sometimes a couple of hours. Just love being with her. Today was particularly hard going out to work and leaving her. She looked so cute in her polkadot nighty and frilly knickers sound asleep on my side of the bed. I was going to lean in and give her a kiss but didn't want to wake her. I was thinking about and missing her all day.

Christmas will be interesting this year. I have bought 2 lots of presents, some for him and more for Lucy so we will have to have some me and Lucy time where she can have her pressies. For him they are pretty much non gender type presents which I can get away with giving in front of others. This year I have managed to stop other people in the family who do not know about Lucy from buying unnecessary and unwanted stuff for 'him'. Everyone knows that he spends hours 'relaxing' (replace relaxing with relaxing, shaving, preening etc) so everyone this time is buying him lots of bubble bath etc and of course the famous bath bombs from Lush! So much more useful and wanted than anything else they could have bought.

Saturday is going to be a big night for us. We are going clubbing for the first time in years to a place we used to go to loads. One of my friends is coming with us, our 19 year old daughter and her best friend. Lucy is very excited about it all as we have had lots of great nights in this place previously although it has all changed now so we will see if it is still such fun. We are having an overnight stay so will all get ready together and have a few drinks before we head off. We have been planning this for a while so hoping it all turns out as expected and will post an update after so watch this space.

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