Monday, 2 April 2018

Trans Radio UK

As you know, Lucy is a DJ which she has been doing for some 25 years or more. Music is very key in our house and there is usually someone playing music or singing (our daughter M is an amazing piano player and singer).

A few years back Lucy hosted a non-league radio station she created while she was managing a football team which did contain music as well as the expected football information etc. It was very popular and was something she really enjoyed doing.

So for sometime she has been toying with the idea of creating a Trans Radio Station where all the DJ's would be trans/non binary but also would be a place for people to also advertise their trans related services.

Two weeks ago she started setting up the radio station, Trans Radio UK and she has set up a Facebook page for it too, She was presented with lots of challenges to get it working which have been resolved at some considerable expense by her purchasing some new equipment (I think in some cases it was just an excuse to update some of the gear she already had!). She never does things by halves and she turned up with a variety of microphones she had bought as the microphones she uses for her usual DJing were apparently not good enough, some probably more impressive in style rather than function!

She did a call out amongst our friends to supply a logo for the station. Jess Smile, one of our friends who is a great artist supplied her with a fab picture which is being used. Thanks Jess :)

After a LOT of swearing and threats to give it all up, the radio station is up live and has been for nearly a week. Already there are lots of listeners from around the world and we have been amazed at the locations as so far it has only been shared to our friends. We have several businesses which will be advertising on the station (for free of course however it does cost £10 if they need her to create the advert) and there are guest DJ spots available, so don't hesitate to contact her via the Facebook page if you are interested.

There is music playing 24/7 and live broadcasts in between all that at specific times. The feedback from everyone so far has been really positive. The intention is to play various genre of tunes to cater for everyone. The first guest spot is Ruby Fury tonight 8-9pm (UK time) so come along, like the Facebook page and tune in.

Update: 19/04/2018
We now have new logos

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