Friday, 12 February 2016

Weekly update 12th Feb 2016

So what has been happening this week?
Lucy completed the additional forms required for the GIC induction afternoon on 23rd Feb and also sent of the form to change all her medical records over into the correct name. This now only leaves her driving licence, work driving documents and passport left to change. As she drives for a living and is not living en femme full time at the moment these will be the last documents to change over. Other than that everything else has been done.
She went and had her eyebrows threaded yesterday and they are the thinnest and best shape she has had so far. This does make me smile as even as recently as early last year I was not allowed to shape her eyebrows too much let along tint them! I tinted both hers and mine last night so looking good. Mine are rather thin after many years of plucking them (a disadvantage of the 80/90’s style of thin eyebrows!) and they don’t grow back thick these days mind you with the current fashion of drawing on thick eyebrows (some are awful!!) there are plenty of products to use to make mine look a bit fuller.
Last week Lucy went to Bluewater with our eldest daughter and went to the MAC counter at John Lewis and had a foundation colour check for the Full Coverage foundation which we then bought online. She usually uses the TV stick however recently when using it she seems to have a reaction the next day on her nose which then takes a few days to settle down. Not good. We did a patch test earlier in the week and it seems fine so hopefully there will be no problems. As usual Lucy has done ZERO practising on doing her own makeup so that job will be left to me. All her hair is nicely washed and dried (by yours truly) so she will be looking good when we are out.
Tonight we are off to PP. Lucy is so excited and bought 6 new dresses this week! Yes 6 new ones on top of the 30 or so she already has! I think she is bringing a choice of 5 for tonight and 5 pairs of shoes. Just as well are driving there and not getting the train! To be fair, I'm taking 2 outfits and 2 pairs of shoes....... I have to admit that I’m really excited too and couldn’t sleep last night, partially worrying that I needed to sleep as won’t be getting into bed until about 6.30am tomorrow but also because I am really looking forward to the evening out. I really love these nights as we totally relax, Lucy just is in her element and I love spending time together. Once a month is just not enough but the cost of travelling and an overnight stay means that at the moment we cannot do it more frequently. It is a Trans night tonight which is always a good night out as are the other club nights too but it is always nice to be around other trans girls. PP is such a safe environment with lots of bouncers and staff checking everyone is ok. As I am always there with Lucy it doesn’t apply to me but I didn’t realise that the doormen give all the non trans people a little chat about how to behave in the club which probably explains the fun atmosphere and lack of trouble. It probably explains how when there is a queue we always get fast tracked to the front. So nice that a club looks after all its more vulnerable customers in this way. They also have a private dressing area for the girls who are not staying over at a hotel so they have somewhere to get ready and get changed.
We were originally going for 2 nights however we had no-one to stay with our youngest daughter for tomorrow night so we had to cancel the second night. A bit gutting as we were really looking forward to being out for 2 nights but we have already booked a night out in March so we still have that to look forward to.
Watch out for the update on how it all went over the next few days.

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