Thursday, 27 October 2016

Some good stuff

While Lucy is still waiting to hear back from Lloyds bank there are a few updates to post about.

She is also still waiting to hear back from Marks and Spencer about the transphobic incident from their staff we witnessed a couple of weeks ago. They did say a member of the executive team would be in touch 'shortly' so lets hope they get a move on as in my mind 2 weeks is not 'shortly'!

The first tattoo cover up is nearly complete. She is booked in for 2 hours tomorrow which should be all that is needed to get it finished. I have to say it is looking totally fantastic and she is lucky she heals so quickly. I have taken the day off work so I can be there too as the chap there has also done the phoenix design for the top of Lucy's other arm and is also drawing up a smaller version for me so hopefully I will get to see that as well. Watch out for a completed picture tomorrow.

The partner of one of my good friends at work who knows about Lucy works for an international recruitment firm. He has asked if Lucy would be willing to tell her story, experiences, challenges and answer some questions from an audience at a special seminar about gender issues to be held in December. There will be a post-op trans man and trans woman who will also be presenting. She can be there in person or dial in. This is a fantastic opportunity for her and as she is not living full time until next year it looks like she will be opting to do a dial in presentation and will provide photographs and answers to a pre defined set of questions as well as answer any on the day. This has come at a good time bearing in mind the recent issues.

It also turns out that this chap knows the gender diversity team at Lloyds bank very well and is meeting with them next week and said that he will mention the issues that Lucy has had.

So.... the last bit of good news is that yesterday Lucy got her letter from the GIC and has her first appointment on 22nd November. This has taken 13 months from the GP referral. As she does not feel confident leaving our house dressed (nosy neighbours) we are looking to book a hotel near Charing Cross so we can stay there the night before and get ready there in the morning. Her appointment is in the morning so we will be able to go back to the hotel after for her to change before we come home. Exciting times!!

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  1. That is a stunning turn of events. Lloyds bank, your friends partner, it's all very tidy, I like when the world gives a bit more than it takes. I'm sorry I have been so busy at work and haven't been able to take time to read your blog, or update mine for that matter. I am so glad that Lucy is getting positive attention and able to reach out and show in the best light who we are as transgender. Lucy would be my first pick for a representative!