Sunday, 9 October 2016

Beauty regime puts me to shame

Lucy's beauty regime puts me to shame. Don't get me wrong, 20+ years ago I was doing the same, facemasks, full body moisturising, face creams, expensive make up, however when you have children your 'you' time is limited as are funds so you end up having a quick face moisturise and buying cheaper make up etc from Superdrug or Boots (I love Superdrug).

In honesty my beauty regime is more around washing, drying and straightening my hair, putting polish on my nails and basic make up for work (better job of course if we are properly out and about). Obviously I have Emma who has been doing my toe nails for years so my beauty regime is not dead, just limited.

Back in the early days of us being together I did try to get 'him' to moisturise after shaving but 'he' was always so anti. How things have changed.....

I have been off of work for a couple of weeks so have been able to spend some quality time with Lucy which has been great. What is not so great is we have been shopping and spent loads of money on bits and pieces as we both egg each other on. Daughter B had bought a new Garnier facemask and showed it to Lucy and of course she had to get it. There are 3 varieties and now Lucy has all 3. As a result I ended up buying one for me which I only just remembered to use tonight while having a bath. It was great as I managed to have some me time in the bathroom, not too late in the evening and had no one chasing me out. So I had a facemask :)

Wow don't I look attractive - not!!

It was great. However think I offended Lucy when I got out. My skin was feeling a little dry after the face mask so I asked if she had any face cream I could use. She offered me a range of products and I couldn't help but have a giggle. It still seems weird my 'husband' having all these beauty products even after all this time. Sorry babe if you are reading this!

One sad part though was while we were shopping we spotted some open trans phobia. Not to Lucy as she was dressed as 'him' however we were in our local Marks and Spencers. We spotted another trans lady and she was ahead of us on the escalator going upstairs. As she got to the top a member of staff spotted her and called over another member of staff and they were openly laughing. Luckily the trans lady did not see however we did. We were both infuriated. The main member of staff was a bra fitter which in some way made it worse as she has a discreet job. We made sure we got her name and Lucy has tweeted M&S but as yet they have not responded which I also find disgusting as they have responded to other tweets from other people. I think it shocked Lucy to see this and although we know that she is likely to be subjected to this at some point (she experienced this in the gay village in Manchester!) it was not nice to witness directly happening to someone else.

Today was HRT patch change over day for Lucy. It was lucky as it had come loose slightly. The patches are applied twice a week at 3 and 4 day intervals. We applied the patch on Wednesday and Saturday (today) was day 3. I applied the new patch for her (on the other bum cheek) and it will next be changed on Wednesday. She only had the patch off for about an hour or so but was panicking and was keen to get the next patch on as soon as possible. I told her to stop panicking as the hormones in the patch are slow release. Luckily we had some surgical spirit in the house and got rid of the sticky residue left from the one she had taken off.

We also took some pictures and measured her vital statistics. In our excitement on Wednesday we had forgotten to do this so did it tonight. Lucy commented that it did seem that some of her hair growth had slowed down as there was not as much to shave but we don't know if that was wishful thinking, the meds or the IPL effects.

Thursday Lucy is booked to have the start of her tattoo cover up. Exciting but lots of pain I expect!

Monday is our wedding anniversary and Wednesday is my birthday. We are off to Pink Punters on Friday to celebrate. We are staying in a completely different hotel to normal, one that we have not stayed in before and we have some friends we are meeting staying at the same hotel. Looking forward to that night as should be great fun.


  1. I know that my daughter and wife are both benefiting from my coming out. They have never been denied makeup or other beauty products, but since I have come out to them, we shop for this stuff together and they get the direct benefit. :) I don't spend anything on me that I don't buy for them as well. It's me bribing them like a guilty person, but there it is.
    It is terrible that people act the way they do. People you would hope to treat you with dignity and respect in places where you are vulnerable. Lucy did right to report this. My biggest fear isn't that I am found out, my biggest fear is that I will be laughed at. Treated like a man in a dress. That is my biggest fear.
    Is the patch a normal way to do it? I think I would prefer a patch.
    Happy Anniversary to both of you! And happy birthday to you, Avril!

  2. Thanks Beth. Lucy being around has certainly given me more confidence to wear the clothes I want to do even though I'm no spring chicken any more and also be more bold with my make up when we are going out. I have always had pride in my appearance so that is nothing new.
    The incident in M&S was horrid and uncomfortable. My biggest fear is that it will happen to Lucy and I'm sure it will as human nature can be awful. The trans lady we saw certainly didn't look like a bloke in a dress however you could see she was trans - she was an older lady. The thing is although she didn't see what happened she was very confident and not scurrying around and I have no doubt that if she had seen what had happened if she had gone up to the shop assistants they would have wilted with embarrassment.
    The patch is one of the ways for the hormones and is usually how it is started however it can be given by injections and tablets.
    Thanks for the anniversary and birthday wishes :)