Tuesday, 4 October 2016

More frustrations and good stuff

Today was supposed to be THE day..... supposed......

Medication was ordered and next day delivery was arranged and paid for. We reserved this day for being a special day. Meds were supposed to be here and then Lucy and I were off out for lunch, shopping etc.... However the Royal Mail decided to scupper those plans.

1pm came and went. Guaranteed next day delivery would have meant that they would have been delivered before 1pm. At 1.05pm we knew there was a problem. We contacted the online pharmacy who assured us that they will be with us today. Still nothing so after a tracking number was given we tracked them and our parcel was at a Royal Mail depo 2 counties away. After a phone call it appeared that our delivery had been 'mis-sorted' and would not be delivered today. I cannot explain the frustration and disappointment that Lucy went through. Everything was about today......

So by this time it was 2.30pm and lunch was missed. However we still went to town to pick up Lucy's new glasses (not like anything she has had before - lots of giggles). We also went to the tattoo place. The guy there showed Lucy his designs and they were totally great. Large colourful peonies which would cover her awful 'male oriented' tattoos. Both the chap and his wife were very friendly and understanding and gave guarded references to how 'delicate' the tattoos needed to be. So Lucy is all booked in for 4 hours next Thursday to see how much they can do. Very exciting.

We also went shopping and Lucy picked up some new jewellery (me too), face mask and some new dresses, of course. Of course Lucy needs new dresses..... she just doesn't have enough..... hmmmm...... no comment! When we got home she tried them on and looked fabulous as always.

We also both got our eyebrows threaded and later when we got home I tinted them for both of us so we both have great eyebrows now.

We will do lunch next week. It is our wedding anniversary and my birthday so plenty to celebrate.

Oh yes! And Emma came tonight so Lucy and I have lovely painted toenails :)

Lets hope that tomorrow is the day and that the medication eventually turns up. Watch this space!

p.s. I have tried Lucy's IPL on my face to try to get rid of the unwanted hairs that seem to grow these days (had my whole face threaded). I'll let you know how that goes!


  1. I can understand yours and Lucy's disappointment! When you are really wanting your post, it never goes right. However if there is a bill, you can bet that the post will be delivered correctly! I hope she gets them tomorrow and everything goes well. Congratulations on your Anniversary and on your Birthday! That is a lot to celebrate! I have people asking about the IPL as well, lots of interest in this device. I hope that the IPL works out for both of you.

  2. Thanks Beth. Latest update at 3am (Lucy checked it before she came to bed)is that the parcel is at our local depot so at least it is in the right area now! As for the IPL, we will keep you updated x