Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Lloyds Bank yet again!!!

I wanted to do an upbeat update as there has been some good stuff going on at the moment however I feel the need to blog about Lloyds Bank. Regular readers of my blog will remember the problems Lucy was having with Lloyds Bank at the beginning of the year.

A year ago she did her deed poll name change and one of the first things she changed was her bank account. Earlier in the year she had lots of issues when paying money into her bank account when using a chip and pin card. We thought it had all been resolved (see previous Lloyds bank posts) but evidently it wasn't.

A couple of weeks ago we went together when she was paying some money in. I deliberately stood to one side so they didn't assume it was my bank account and she was able to pay the money into her account using the chip and pin machine at the counter with no problems. In fact since the last incident Lucy has only paid in money over the counter a couple of times anyway.

Monday was unfortunately not the same story........

She went into the bank to pay some money in and the automatic machines were out of order so she had to go to the counter. The female bank teller accepted her money however when Lucy put her card in the reader and entered her pin the woman said that she would have to cancel the transaction as the card was obviously not Lucy's. Lucy reiterated that it was her card but the teller took the card from her and said 'no, this is not your card'. At this point Lucy was waiting for the teller to retain the card however she said that she would enter the transaction manually which she did. The bank was busy and there was a long queue behind Lucy. The teller was speaking loud enough that anyone in the vicinity would have been able to hear and Lucy was embarrassed, angry and upset. She handed the card back to Lucy and said 'the money has been put in her account' which again was reiterating that the account was not Lucy's. Poor Lucy felt so humiliated and just wanted to cry. All the teller needed to do was to ask for proof of identity which Lucy has as she carries her deed poll with her all the time.

Lucy sent a tweet to Lloyds, well a series of tweets explaining the situation, and they did contact her taking her details saying that they would get a branch manager to ring her back within 2 hours. Well that never happened. Lucy re-tweeted them several times and then they said she would hear back yesterday. Still nothing. In the meantime (as I cannot help but interfere) I sent a couple of direct twitter messages to Lloyds with screen shots of Lucy's messages. Eventually I got a response stating that they were in touch with Lucy however looking at the late night tweets from Lucy it appears she has had to provide all the information YET AGAIN and now she is waiting YET AGAIN for a response today.

This is disgusting behaviour from a company that is ranked number 2 in the Stonewall top 100 companies to work for and they are very proud of this which they publicise. Shame they don't offer their customers the same respect as they apparently give their employees! 

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