Monday, 15 February 2016

Pink Punters 12th Feb 2016

Well what can I say?? Another fantastic night out. Lucy and I definitely love this place and always have so much fun. Just a shame it is not nearer to where we live... or maybe its good it isn't any nearer as we would always be out there!!

As usual we stayed at the Campanile. There had been a bit of traffic on the way up there so I had managed to nail varnish Lucy’s nails while we were stationery in traffic. A lovely bright pink. We got there in good time despite the traffic and swung past McDonalds drive through to pick up something to eat. Lucy was getting all silly about paying for the food as the cashier would see her nails and I told her not to worry as I’m sure they pay no attention and probably see all sorts as this McDonalds is a 3 minute drive from PP! Although the hotel does have a restaurant and room service we do try to grab something before we get there so all we have to do is get ready.

We have a routine whereby I get showered first and then Lucy. This is because it does not take me as long to get ready and also I need to be all sorted so I can help Lucy with her makeup etc. Lucy has vowed that she is going to have a practice at doing her own makeup before we go back next time as she really does need to learn how to do her own as I always get stressed out doing it as I am not a fan of doing other people’s makeup unlike our daughter. This time she was trying out the new MAC Full Coverage foundation. Unlike the TV stick this comes in a compact and does look like you get far less for your money however it did cover really well, gave a less heavy look than the TV stick but also looked more natural. For the first time we also used the TV stick on Lucy’s arms to cover her awful tattoos (she was wearing a dress with netting sleeves rather than filled in sleeves like she usually does). This worked extremely well and although we were worried about the foundation marking the sleeves there were no marks there at all at the end of the evening and the foundation had stayed in place. This is great as this now means that Lucy can wear some of the MANY sleeveless dresses she has J

Of course we popped a bottle of Prosecco which we always take with us to drink while we are getting ready. Lucy looked gorgeous and as usual we took a load of photos in the room before we left. Sadly for some reason the camera deleted the pictures we took and we are both really disappointed at this but fortunately Lucy took a couple of fuzzy pictures and some of her pulling some very funny faces on her phone so we do have those.

We didn’t rush to get over to PP as we knew we had lots of time and the earlier we get there the more we drink so were making a bit of an effort to drink less. Even though it had been freezing cold when we turned up at the hotel, when we left to leave at 11.30pm the cold did not seem as bad. It is only a walk across a bit of soggy grass (trying to avoid ruining our heels) and across a road. I don’t understand why the Campanile doesn't just build a proper cut through path as there is a well-worn route through the grass anyway.

Although it was a Big Night Out (BNO) evening the place seemed even more busy than usual. We found a place to put our bags and drinks and from that point on were dancing for pretty much most of the evening. We usually move around a bit but this time we stayed in the same place all night which was very unusual for us. The earlier music is rather cheesy but does get a lot better as the night goes on with lots of old classics as well as more up to date tunes. We bumped into a couple of girls we had met on previous nights and it was great to see them as they love a dance too. As usual Lucy befriended a few people who we enjoyed spending time with. We were having so much fun we really didn’t take many photos at all which is very unusual for us as we both love taking lots of pictures.

Of course as per usual the evening didn’t pass completely without the drama of Lucy losing anything!! This time she lost her phone which it turns out she had left it in the toilet. Luckily Martin the toilet attendant is attentive and honest and when she went rushing in there he had already found her phone and stored it safely. She really is a nightmare!

I’m not sure what time we got back to the hotel but it was gone 5am which was early for us. Yet another fun and enjoyable night. We had originally booked for 2 nights but had to change due to arrangements for our younger daughter and were sorely tempted to book for the next night too. We both had plenty of outfits and could have easily have stayed. We decided not to however I think we were regretting this decision later on Saturday evening as we were both thinking about what we could have been doing. This is where once a month is just not enough. We really do have so much fun together and it is one of the few times that we both really relax and be ourselves. We have booked already for 11 March which is now less than 4 weeks away so we will have that to look forward to J

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