Thursday, 4 February 2016

First GIC letter

Exciting times…. Possibly.
Yesterday Lucy got a letter from the GIC. Exciting as we now know for sure she is definitely in the system and on the GIC records properly. Slightly depressing as they have said that the wait for the 1st proper appointment could be as much as 13 months however they did say that they were working with various authorities to try to reduce this waiting time.

The other thing that surprised me was they referred to patients as being transsexual not transgendered...... I hate the word transsexual as it indicates its is a sexual preference/choice rather than gender dysphoria.

Anyway the letter contained an invitation to an induction afternoon on 23rd Feb (yikes… that appointment is quite soon) and they will go through all the paperwork and processes but also advise on things that she could do in the in advance of the 1st proper appointment. This is good as in our minds we know what we think she should be doing in the waiting time but this will give us the official line (yes Lucy, they will tell you to give up smoking!). It will also give her the opportunity to ask any questions she may have. Sadly family and friends are not permitted at this session so she will have to go alone. Think we are both a bit gutted at this as we wanted to go through this journey together however this is only one appointment out of the very many to come.

Luckily at this induction Lucy can take along her name change documents and change the name on her medical records. Funnily enough it is only here and the DVLA/passport she still needs to change as everything else was done ages ago.

Another small step in the right direction!

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