Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Fun week - no dramas

Well last week was a good week with some really smile moments.

Firstly Lucy was out working and got caught short while out and about. As she wears Lucy’s clothes under male drab clothes at the moment when she is working it was a bit difficult negotiating trousers, tights and a skirt so she did her first squat! I found it totally hilarious and this led into a conversation about how undirectional ‘women’s bits’ can be when having a tiddle and how much fun she will have with that when the time comes!

She also went and had her fortnightly eyebrow threading. Her brows were looking great after but we also tint them later at home. I say ‘we’ but really mean ‘I’ as it is always me that puts the tint on for her. Anyway I put it on for her and as usual left it for her to take off. I didn’t think any more about it until she came running out the shower over 25 minutes later as she had just realised she had not taken the tint off. I nearly wet myself laughing as after removing it her eyebrows looked solid pitch black! Looked so funny with the shaved head she has for day to day life. I still don’t know why some people (especially the football crowd) have not questioned how feminine her eyebrows look or even made a passing comment. To me she is looking more and more feminine every day.

Friday was spent at Pink Punters. We stayed at the Campanile again this time although Lucy has heard some good reviews about the Hilton Double Tree so we are booked in that for next time in May. It is a little further away but she quite likes the idea of a taxi ride to PP. As usual she brought several dresses and ended up wearing the one she thought she was least likely to wear. I have to say she looked totally gorgeous. We did all our usual stuff and tottered over the road (yes, I'm still doing her makeup!).

We know a few of the regular girls there so met up with them and some of the staff. We have made some great friends. Back in the day in 2005/6 when we first started going to PP it was much smaller however these days the place is far larger than it ever was with lots more rooms and security. Thinking back we did used to have lots of fun but nothing like we do now. We had noticed in club pictures there was a ‘pink room’ and the past few times we wondered where it was but were distracted by other things before we could investigate. This time our friend Ellie showed us where it was, upstairs off the loft room. We don't go in the loft room very often as it is very warm up there and tends to be packed with girls who just want to sit and chat all evening. As much as I love a chat I also like to boogie on down hence we rarely go there. Thee pink room is a small room (lloks so much bigger in the pictures), very pink but totally fabulous. Lots of mirrors on the wall but also angled on the ceiling so as you can imagine we took LOADS of pictures…. Well, let me rephrase that, Lucy took loads of pictures/selfies.

The evening was full of the usual drinking and dancing and was a totally fun. We met some other lovely new people too and there were no dramas at all, nothing lost!! Yay!! It is so funny watching back Lucy's snaps chats that she does. As she does a combination of pictures and videos and generally after a few drinks they are hilarious!

When we come home we both feel a bit deflated as we do alway have such a great time. We took loads of pictures this time and I really can't wait until Lucy is all out and I can share them with everyone. I have them hidden away on my phone which is all password protected so no one else can see them unless I chose to share.

This week Lucy has also contacted a tattoo place with a view to having her horrid tattoos covered over. She has even been brave enough to send pictures of them and an explanation as to who she is and why she wants them covered. Go Lucy!

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