Friday, 30 September 2016

Still waiting.....

So here we are..... over a week since Lucy had her counselling session with the  Online Gender GP and still no medication.

After Lucy's session she heard back saying that she had been accepted, the proposed medication and had to set up a standing order for the monthly fee which of course she did immediately as we are keen to get the ball rolling. She received an email confirming that the funds had been received and that her case had been passed to Dr Webberley. The next day Lucy received an email directly from Dr Webberley just asking if she had any further questions; she went back asking about the possibility of some other medication that had been mentioned but confirmed she was eager to start. As of this moment in time some 32 hours later there is still no response. Lucy chased the office up with an email again this morning but still nothing. This is so frustrating as there was plenty of contact before we paid anything and now it is all within touching distance communication has slowed right down. It just seems no matter who you use there are delays at every turn. The rollercoaster is in full swing!

On a positive note, Lucy has outed herself, intentionally, to a few more people this week. All strangers but it is still a big thing nonetheless.

One was a lady at the threading place we use to get our eyebrows done. Although Lucy had previously told the owner this particular lady did not know. They have always done her eyebrows nicely however I have always thought that they have left them too thick rather than giving the shape that CIS females would want. On this occasion Lucy told all and as a result has the best shaped eyebrows she has had done so far!

Another was a female passenger in her taxi who was on her way back from a tattoo convention and the conversation turned to a trans guy who had been on the TV show 'Tattoo Fixers' and that the tattoo cover up job that had been done on him was awful. The conversation continued and Lucy took the plunge and told the passenger about herself, showed pictures and explained that she was looking to get a tattoo cover up herself. A really friendly chat ensued and although the passenger herself was not a tattooist, she had been interested in tattoos for very many years and gave some recommendations of places for Lucy to go.

All this tattoo talk put Lucy on the road to get her tattoos looked at again with a view to having a cover up job of the awful male ones she has. She went into a tattoo parlour in our local town. She was nervous of doing this as this town is where she grew up and she as 'he' is quite well known. There didn't seem to be anyone she knew in this particular place and the tattooists were not familiar. The chap took her to one side and discussed the options however as Lucy was presenting as 'him' the pictures that he was showing her were skulls, daggers and the like. This is not what Lucy wants. She wants something more girlie with flowers so she took him to one side and explained the situation. The chap did not seem at all fazed by this information and took traces of her existing tattoos and asked her to send over some examples of what she would like which she has done. We are going back on Tuesday to see what designs he has come up with. All exciting!! Although Lucy has been trawling through the tattooists (they are husband and wife) Facebook pages hoping there are no shared mutual friends. None so far but she is still nervous.

Lucy has used the IPL for the second time on her face. No noticeable changes as yet. It does say to leave 2 weeks between treatments but the leaflet is geared up for CIS females whose hair is finer so she has decided that she will give it a go once a week. Watch this space.......


  1. Waiting on other people to get things done is my personal hell. I can only imagine the frustration you both are feeling. I am glad she is feeling more confident and being more open. That is some intense bravery, I applaud her! I am very interested in how the IPL starts working, I am looking forward to one of my very own this Christmas.

    1. It has been so frustrating and Lucy has been really down. It has been a busy week for all sorts of reasons and we were hoping the Online Gender GP process would be fast - they were very quick at all responses until we had paid the prescription money and then they didn't seem to respond to anything. Funny how everything can change in a few hours hence my latest updated post!

      My pet hate is waiting for people who fail to respond in a timely fashion. I'm early for everything!

      As for the IPL - watch this space :)