Thursday, 10 March 2016

Thursday thoughts

Well what a funny old week it has been so far.

Major drama!! Lucy decided that it was time she filed her own finger nails. Unbeknown to me however she picked the coarsest nail file we have and filed her lovely long nails to shreds. She was totally gutted and felt that this should have been something she should have learned when she was 12 years old and not at 44. I don't think she realised what all the different type of nail files do and that there is more than one choice. Luckily the next day I was able to salvage her nails which are now nicely filed however quite short which she is upset about as we are going out on Friday. She has now been educated on the different type of nail files and I have bought her some finer files for next time. Nonetheless at the end of the day she will learn these things as she goes and learn by her mistakes as we all do.

Luckily this week I was unexpectedly able to work from home one afternoon which turned out to be good news for Lucy. In between working I was able to clip and file her toenails and polish them with no danger of being discovered by our younger daughter. This is always an issue especially as she needs to allow time for the varnish to dry before putting something on her feet to hide them. Now she has lovely toe nails however as always, small drama, when she slid her feet into her flipflops caught her big toe on one foot and smudged all my hard work. Then we had the panic of redoing the nail in time before our daughter arrived home from school. Lucy had to hide in our bedroom for a little while until the varnish had hardened enough on this last toe. 

A small side note is a big up to Barry M and their new Sunset varnish daylight curing range. An alternative to salon gel nails that needs no basecoat and bonds to the nail like gel in the daylight. A totally fabulous range which I love and are hard wearing and dry quickly. Would highly recommend them but the only downside is that the colour range is quite limited which hopefully they will expand. They have a really lovely bright pink which we both love.

Friday night we are off out again to Pink Punters. This week has been one big count down until we go and full of excitement and Lucy has still not decided what to wear. No doubt she will turn up with an array of choices to be made last minute. Also this time my friend is coming with us. She is the same friend who came in December for our first big night out and this will be her first time in recent years at a proper trans night so will get to meet some of the new friends we have made. Don’t think she has the same excitement that we do. 

Getting out once a month just isn’t enough for Lucy and I however that is the way it has to be for now. Before we know it she will be transitioning properly and be dressed every day although we will still be going to PP. I have my new dress to wear this time and got a new 'hold it all in' body suit this week where I can wear my own bra and after a quick try on this solution does not flatten my boobs at all so I am very pleased. Lucy commented on how great I looked when I tried it all on which made me very happy. She also made me laugh as she always moans that I don’t keep my heels on all night (neither does she except I’m clever enough to take a small pair of dolly shoes in my bag whereas she ends up with bare feet) and asked me what shoes would I be wearing to walk over to PP! Ha ha…. my shoes do stay on longer than 5 minutes. 

She has also nagged me not to travel in my blue skinny jeans and black Chelsea boots as she wants to wear the same thing and does not want us dressing the same. Bloody cheek! She only has the black Chelsea boots because she bought herself a pair when she should have been buying me a pair for Christmas! I have to travel straight from work and like to wear something comfortable but respectable. Will have to have a think……. 

And then some exciting news….. when we last went to PP in February we took lots of pictures on our camera which disappeared and we could not find them and presumed them lost. Well a couple of days ago Lucy plugged the camera into her laptop and lo and behold the pictures were there! We are both fairly techy people so I am confused why we would not find them the first time round however we were both chuffed that we now have them. There was a fab pic of me which is now my profile picture on Facebook and has well over a 100 likes <insert picture of big smiley face>. 

Watch out for my next update on our Pink Punters night out.

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