Friday, 30 October 2015

Going out - yikes!

After some time of dressing just at home I tentatively approached Abby with the view to venturing out and about. It seemed such a waste to put all this effort into dressing at home and not utilising it by getting out and about. This obviously was going to a MASSIVE step for Abby and she was incredibly nervous.... understandably!

By now we had discovered a small Yahoo group called The Angels. They had a Yahoo page and chat forum where help and advice was available from likeminded people from the whole spectrum of the trans community. At this point it was fairly new and we had happened across it a couple of years after it had started. Now they have an active webpage and Facebook page with hundreds of girls and partners. From here we got advice and suggestions of where to go, makeup, clothes and businesses that were there to help the trans community.

Stepping out for a first timer is a very scary prospect. We wanted to get it right so booked an appointment with a place who would do your makeup and escort you to a club called Transmission in London (sadly now no longer there). We booked a hotel room nearby and the makeup agency booked some rooms in serviced offices and we nervously went there as he and she with clothes, hair etc in a bag. 

The place was packed and was a hive of activity. Makeup artists putting on faces for lots of girls all of whom seemed just as nervous as Abby. We had to wait a little time before it was Abbys turn to sit in the chair. There was a small chat about style of makeup and then a woman proceeded to bring Abby to life. Whilst I appreciate that these people do a fantastic job in making up the girls and bring to life their hidden persona (for a price) for Abby the makeup appeared quite garish and very typical 'tranny' style. There was nothing understated about the way she looked. I also remember being shocked how rough they were at brushing Abby's 'hair'. Nevertheless she was glammed up along with everyone else and we all jumped into mini vans and driven to the venue.

Tentatively the girls took their first steps out into the real world. For many like Abby this was their first time out and they were all as nervous as each other. It was great as I was able to support some of the girls who had come on their own as well as supporting Abby. To be fair on this evening out there were not many female CIS partners and for many they were doing this without their partners permission and/or knowledge. 

What a night it was was. It was a predominantly 'tranny' club covering the whole spectrum and was filled mainly by the community with a few stray men. It just seemed to be all colourful, glittery and shiny. We drunk and danced the night away with both of us having achy feet at the end. It was a brilliant first outing.

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