Saturday, 30 July 2016

Update on M

Since telling M life has just gone on as usual except the frantic hiding of stuff has gone which has been great.

When I took M out to the theme park with her friend she was putting her make up on in the car and realised she didn't have any lipstick. I told her there were probably a couple in my handbag she could use which she did however she turned to her friend (who knows nothing of Lucy) and said "my mum has LOTS of lipsticks". The funny thing is that she has not referring to me but Lucy! This really made me smile.

M also asked to have Lucy's mobile phone number and Snapchat (Lucy's are separate to his) which she now has and has been snapchatting Lucy. We are now all connected with our other Facebook profiles and she has been through all of the pictures that we both have and really enjoyed looking at them. She also sat down with me and went through the friends I have on my other profile asking who was who and kept saying that she cannot wait to meet some of these people. She had a little giggle when I referred to Lucy as 'Luc' and really enjoys all the stories about the places we have been to.

M has asked Lucy why she picked the name Lucy and did not use one of the feminine versions of 'his' name. We have both explained that Lucy wanted a name she identified with and something completely different to her birth name and Lucy's middle name 'Emily' was chosen by our older daughter.

She has asked about the places we go and really wants to come out and about with us. She has also made it clear she really wants to be involved in Lucy's journey. M also keeps on at wanting to help Lucy with her make up and a couple of days ago even sent Lucy a link to new make up tips she had found. Lucy was able to sit down in the lounge the other day while I filed and polished her toenails while M was around which was a total first and she could keep her toes out around the house while the polish dried. I have a nail lady that comes to the house once every 4/5 weeks and does my toenails with nail varnish and designs and she is due in a couple of weeks. She is a great person and has been doing my nails for over 10 years so really has become a friend too and we are going to tell her about Lucy so she can have her nails done too. 

M is also very keen to see Lucy dressed at home so we are planning a girlie evening where Lucy can dress fully. We are going on holiday to Spain at the end of August for one week which will be the last holiday with 'him'. We have checked that she is ok with 'him' being shaved when we go and she was totally fine with it and has asked how often Lucy has to shave. We also told her about all the other family holidays we have had where 'he' has had to stop shaving in the summer so when we went on holiday it would not arouse suspicion from people we know.  M has been surprised at some of the lengths we went to in order to keep Lucy away from general view when she is charading as 'him'.

M knows that Lucy officially changed her name last year and has changed it in a few places. Now M knows about her, Lucy can change her name in all the other places she needs to (except her passport) as there is no worry about M seeing the post.

As it is school holidays M is obviously going to be around at home quite a bit but even in the 5 days that she has known about Lucy she has not batted an eye at Lucy being able to wear her pink fluffy dressing gown or fluffy slippers. It truly has made our home a safe haven for us all. So much has changed in these last 5 days and M continuing positive reactions to everything have been amazing.

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